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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I'm BACK...sort of..

Yes, yes I was gone for a little too long....well..TOO LONG, Hai hai Gomen ~ Gomen
Even my own blog didn't recongnize me anymore, I had to log in again.....bleh....
Moral project, english ULBS, malay ULBS and exams really made me go crazy...took up hella lot of my time..

But anyways, Charlotte told me to update my blog...yup, and here I am doing multiple things at a time. Thankies ^_^


I have to admit I did not really do well in these exams.......*sigh* *stares at Charlotte*
looks like I've learn quite a lesson, don't leave it till the last minute, I've learn that for the past 10 years, but I still haven't grasp it....SPM's coming..have to work harder, no slacking off Jeff, you know its not good for you nor your future.....whatever your future is...HAH ! you don't even know it yourself do you...

*Jeff nods head innocently* is that sad...can't slack off, I want to like Je Timm as in hardworking, But I also don't want to be him......make sense? no ? nevermind......

Really tired today, yesterday was struggling to get all kimia inside my head...not goood, started to feel sleepy...and end up eating 2 pieces of cheese, pritted prunes, rice biscuits and cottage fries in the middle of the night......

But anyway, after everything...the exams, went to SETIA club, fun ! lol I get to drink a cup of ........."drink" which contains cottage fries, coca cola and everything you can find in the food we ate ....and hot chilli peppers.....^_^

-Play and finish Legendia, play Grandia
-Go Out

Thats about it..must concentrate on that mid term can vanquish exams easily......hope can WAIT..I CAN ! *sudden motivation comes up*
*sigh* will I continue blogging? I really don't know, might take up some of my time.......I'll seriously consider it again..

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Gong Hei Fatt Choi ! It is already Chinese New Year, and I greet everyone a very happy (Chinese) New Year !
and may the ang pau comes rolling in. Actually, there are still a bunch on ang pau which I haven't got the time to open it yet when I received them last year :P Unless I need financial needs of course..

Went to Mid Valley to watch "Fearless" Fok Yun Kap today with Yeong, Kin Yeu, Nicholas and Fuji. Woke up at aprroximately 10:10 today . Where I was supposed to be at Yeong's house at 10 : 30 , took my Chu Chiong Fun as my breakfast, went upstairs to online. Confirms Yeong is actually awake and moving now at his house...GOOD, but in the end, after being ready, it was already 10:45 *oops*

They told me to go straight away to the Kelana Station, se we did, took the LRT to Abdullah Hukum, where Mid Valley is located across a railroad AND a filthy river, so what can we do......we had to cross the railroad...

Well, in the commercials, people tend to get stuck on the railroad when they try to crossover, thats what makes it so dangerous @_@ , but, we had, yeah...evil thoughts came passing by my mind as I was rushing through it, and luckily we came out of it safely, and we reached a small little area with wooden houses, which had Astro sattelites dishes on, so they aren't that poor anyway.....

We had to cross a railroad, a river and a construction yard to reach MidValley. we bought the tickets, although the line was insanely long. Then we watched the show.

Fearless "Huo Yuan Jia" is the last Martial Arts movie that stars Jet Li from what I've heard, its sad...since we all came to love his martial arts movies, but it has to come to an end someday, and looks like that day had arrived sooner than expected. But, Jet Li is truly an awesome person, his movies are really fun to watch ! Jet Li Rocks ^__^
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Fearless, is good. My movie expectations are not very high, as long as the movie interest me, and a good story that keeps my eyes glued to the screen, I will probably like that movie. it doesn't have to be an action movie nor a comedious movie, as long as it entertains me, I'm fine with it. And if you haven't watched FEARLESS, GO WATCH IT NOW !

Before we went home, we went to Gin Ryu Tei for a very expensive lunch, a whopping RM20 was spend on my Ramen set. My Ramen set consists of a bowl of Normal Ramen(DUH!), 3 Dumplings, a vege sidedish, fruits and a friend rice. While Yeong and Fuji's is a Sushi & Ramen set consists of 4~5 sushi ( BUT THE MENU had a giant dish of sushi as display ) ramen, fruits and thats it......and its RM 26 , 6 bucks more than mine. LOL

I wish I could take pictures, but I do not have cam with me...oh well *looks at Bro's handphone* hopes he gives it to me soon.

Then, after we were pretty broke, we each took the palm reading from teh Mouth Of Truth and here is what I got this :
Image hosting by Photobucket
Two words, go figure...

After that, took the Komuter train and THEN the LRT, the LRT was pretty empty, so we can talk as loud as we want, and we actually took pictures...I'll get it soon from Yeong and put it here.

And the Tuin Yun Fan was really nice, enjoyed it as my aunty's house Yumm yumm ^_^

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Chains of Deja Vu

Yay ! one more day till CNY holidays, can't wait...I've been counting each and every single day until this day comes. And yes, I'm that desparate...desparate for holidays ^_^

Anyways, day starts like any other day, usual wake up and go straight to school. Was abit too routine, can't believe I've been doing it for 10 years, and this is the 11th year onwards, OH WHAT THE HECK, I'll just continue to do this until SPM is over..then..

"I shall be break free from these Chains of Deja vu"

I'll be counting...*scratches the wall*
Today was continuing to sell Friendship Mugs from setia, luckily, I managed to grab a few sales, totalling up to 10+. Isaac was abit angry to Hin Giap because Hin Giap interupted Isaac's business in persuading someone to buy mugs, but they are from the same club anyway @_@

"Don't buy from him, buy from me" ~ Giap
"Go way ! Stupid" ~ Isaac

Thats what I heard from Isaac's mouth, but to be honest, he also did that to me when I was persuading Christin to buy mugs from me.....but he claimed that he persuaded christin before me........uhh...well, STILL ? you tried to do that to me too....I was abit angry, ah but what the heck, no use arguing with him so, I already forgave him about that issue, and now someone does the same thing to him, and he is now angry.....he gets a taste of his own medicine...and trust me, its bitter.

Then, after school, went to Cici's house to do poster, but it wasn't even started when I left. We were actually checking around blogs who are in the same age as us. Argh...lots of them already have couples, and already kissing, eventhough I don't want to start yet.....I feel like abit ...uneasy....but blah...going Prom ? probably not >.< Don't want to think about it ! SPM first !

Took A Deathnote test today, and I got NEAR as my personality match :
Eventhough I liked to be L ^^
Image hosting by Photobucket
Near is so Kawaii ^_^''

Got to watch Crystal Kay's New PV , Kirakuni, a really really nice song which I really liked, catchy, makes you want to dance, makes me believe that Crystal Kay might become big if she released an english album in the US , Here are some shots from her PV :
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Memoirs of Crystal Kay ??

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nice pose ^_^

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
*Mezmerizing* (sp?)

Blah, sorry for the big pictures, the picture uploader isn't working for me ...for some unknown reasons ^_^

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Home is Calling....

"Overall, today is such a weird day." Thats supposed to be the last line of this entry, but I felt like putting it in front, for some unknown reason.

Hah, today started like any friday, since its going to be the same old routine every single day, although it felt a little different, because of that very feeling that enlighten me about tomorrow it would be a saturday. Which means I do not have to go to school. Haha.I would even laugh at myself for saying that...

Listening to L'arc en Ciel's "FATE" as I'm typing this entry, I'm really liking emo-rock. If that is what this kind of genre is called, I really like L'arc en Ciel. I could really feel the songs , don't ask me why.

Back to topic, *as if there is a topic going on* right after school, I had to walk back to my home. On my way, I saw Master Jeff looking at me , from very very far away, but I recongnized his bike, outfit and all, and waved *I think* but, its been a few times since I met him outside of Taekwondo training.

The bad thing about this is, What am I going to say, If he was infront of me ? Hi Master ? Good Afternoon master ? How are you master ? I find it really hard to communicate with people, its been bothering me lately, I don't want to start a conversation and stop halfway. Anyways, I reached the training ground, but I didn't go up and greet him or whatever, Its not like we have talked alot before, nor I know him very well, yet he recongnized me, and its hard to start a topic, especially with your MASTER -.- .......

So I've been trying hard to talk to him , but, kinda backed away. Am I ...that useless ? it turns out very well to be...I can't even talk to a MAN ? how am I going to talk to girls @_@ this is...bad.....have to overcome it someday, but how ?

Today I got to hear Angela Aki's Kokoro no Senshi, I really like this song. Angela Aki is fabulous, her voice is so beautiful...her style really interests me. And the best thing is ......she is going to sing the theme song for Final Fantasy XII entitled "Kiss Me Goodbye" , which is really nice, yes I do suck at describing how good songs arem but, trust me, they are good IMO =P.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Heres a link to watch her PV of her earlier single, HOME :
Another Song, Rain

And finally, the announcement of Utada's new single KEEP TRYING :
Heres a preview from the site :

Image hosting by Photobucket Army of Hikkis ! ...RUN ! STAMPEDE ! *Hikki Army continues to sing Keep Trying preview over and over again together*

Been waiting for another new single, Yay ! , keep trying sounds nice after a few hearings, I feel that the song fused some old and new styles of her songs, refreshing ! but, I'm still waiting for a song to be on par with Can You Keep A Secret ?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Isn't it abit too fast ?

Well, its been 5 days since I last blogged -___-, well mostly because I had alot of things to do, tuitions, activities and such. Finally, I had some time today, so I might as well write something.

Well, added Twilight Town on top of the blog, to make the blog more colourful. Well, I do notice I have very little pictures to put in the entries, especially I cannot bring the camera here and there, but....I'll do something about it soon.

The reason I chose the illustration of Twilight Town is because I wanted a picture with a soothing presence inside the picture. Therefore, I thought of Twilight Town, I loved that place, the music was calming, and it was big....ahh..those memories..

Well, the day before yesterday, which was Monday, we had free tickets to watch MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA, special screening, I thought....well, it looks like we have been having alot of free ticket movies lately, the one before this was "The Wig", which was horrible, a horror movie turned comedy by the audience >_<

So, I was really looking foward to Memoirs, so finally I got to watch it, seen the trailer for like 5 times in the Cinema ( But it keep playing >_< ), I was really interested in it since its stars Zhang Ziyi, our very own Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li and Ken Watanabe ^__^.

And, since we had six tickets, the whole family went. ITS been sooooooooooooooo long since we watched a movie at the cinema as a family, the last one I remembered ...was Evita...which was..years and years ago....oh well, we reached there, picked our seats, since we were early, we get to choose any seat we wanted, only a few people arrived. Soon, the cinema was pretty packed, and the show started.

Image hosted by

I really think this is a great movie, its ...much more different than the movies I watched lately. And despite I watched the trailers over and over again, it lived up to my expectations, Zhang Ziyi spoke well in english. I was suprised. Yes, I know the poster said December 2005, but we had to wait T_T

Its a story about how a little girl who was sold to the "Okaa-san" and was destined to be a Geisha while she doesn't know what is a Geisha . But one day, she met the "Chairman" *Ken Watanabe* and started to had a crush on him ^__^, so, after that, she is determined to be a Geisha....for the "Chairman"...but on her way, jealousy, lust and others play a big part to Sayuri's story.

Its a touching and emotional story, I really liked it, eventhough its simple. Other than that, the setting, is truly impressive *It was made* the scenes are so beautiful that it blends in with the characters, and the architectural was really good, from the streets till the deep districts. It was so beautiful @_@

And as an easter egg*not really* but, eventhough the english was in dialog, they did mix some Japanese language in it, those daily used ones, to remind the audience that they are actually speaking Japanese in the story, but acted in english, just for your sake *SA KE, get it ? ^_^*
Anyways, I recommend everyone to go watch it. is PEKA day, we had to do the Kimia experiment ourselves , two by two and record , count, and plot the graph by ourselves, I really hate PEKAS, but luckily, it was okay today, Ivan dropped Chemistry * WOOO HOOO* so I'll have to team up with Jeremy, which is a good thing...=P so we did it, plotted our graph and passed it up. VOILA ! its done....few more to go -___-

Thats about it....I'll think of something to write soon and some pictures to post ...someday..

Friday, January 13, 2006

Tiring day

Hmmm...its been quite alot of days since I blogged....
But anyways..yesterday was PMD day, we get to test out our personailties by taking the "Professional" test and to be able to connect the career and personality together, to get an idea of what suitable job it might be for us.

What I go was E-S-A , E for Enterprising, S for Social and A for Artistic, Actually, I was hoping the artistic was the first or second highest, but it turned out to be third XD

But, anyways, I find myself to be more of an Introvert, however, my social score is high ^__^
I wonder why.....

Today was a tiring day, Woke up near 7 to attend school, Went back home at 12:30. Wilfred and Marn Tsing was with me, since we have taekwondo later at 3, later, two uninvited guest came, Nico and Jacob, ahhhhh...oh well, they didn't tell me they were coming, but they came XD so I thought that was abit rude, but oh well, they were waiting outside, and I was kind *Pssh* so I let them in.

And they started playing Naruto 3, ahhh..its probably been a week since I played this game. But Nico intended to challenge me, well, Its been awhile since I touched Naruto, so I played. First round was with me as Sasuke vs his....*can't remember*, well I was Anko (me) vs his Naruto which I totally did not play with Anko before, yet I won.....and next when I was using Sandaime and he was using Shodaime....he decreased my life till less than half...and he still had pretty much life.....but I still defeated him in the end consecutive wins ! ^^
Yatta ! pretty long since I won someone @_@

After that, Fei Siang came later and we walked back to school, going through Atria, it was akward, Me and Marn Tsing wore Taekwondo Uniform, Fei Siang wore his PBSM uniform, and I was taking an umbrella in case it rains >_<>.>

But anyway, its been 2+ months since I attended training and strecthing, it was fun today, just to remember back the basics, and for the newcomers too, Only Master Yeoh was there to train us today....Don't know where Master Jeff went ( THATS NOT ME ! )

It ended at 4:30, I had to walk back home with my umbrella yet again, but this time, the umbrella was usefull, sheilding me from the rain. Reached hom 4:45, and took a shower, since I was sweaty and I stink, and prepares to go Tuition @_@

Yep, tuition...5:00 ~ 7: 15 .....imagine that, and I did not have my lunch ....was starving and the airconditioning was stinging my skin , It was freaking cold. But, I had to hang on -______-
When it was finally over, went back to my home, ate dinner like someone had not eaten for a hundred years....and went up to watch some shows..

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weird Dreams...

I've been having these weird dreams lately......I wonder if these are really connected to my memory, However the chances are really big.

So, as I was sleeping in the afternoon today, I had a pretty weird dream. Although it wasn't that bad. But, it was just strange. Was it inspiration or a sign ?

All I remember was I was playing a game, which I had to choose a religion for a character. that was about it. I don't really remember the scenes, but I can pretty much remember it was somekind of Holy place. Well, when I awoke, I tried to expand the imagination of this dream.

I would have it a story with a theme of religions ( Of course those are made up religions ) which might have affairs and stuff, betrayal, Alliance and war...and a character caught in this matter, when the character has to choose a religion, to help it to grow, to lead, or to betray.
Well, one might also give in and to spy on other countries.

Where you chose different religions, will end you up with exclusive skills and magic where only that religion can be used. With an interesting story and plot, I think I can expand this more

Well, next would probably be the battle system, It should be made as a fun and attractive as possible. But well, these are just initial ideas, I want to make new gameplay systems where no body had tried before, but with the current trend of games, it is hard.

But the story should be taking place where magic and humans co-exist, a fantasy world would do, that is just the rough idea, in my mind, I hope one day I can probably sit down a plan it out.
but, complications among thos religions might sound common though.

It made me realize that I might want to be a game designer, but it will be a very hard road which I can only fantasize now, what would I be in a few years can only wait and realize his destiny....and pray it is a good one of course ^__^

Today we went to Kim gary for dinner, I called a Korean hot and spicy noodles, which is okay -.-
and it comes with Kimchi, but...its sweet instead of hot >.>

I hope I can someday get a Digital Camera, so I can snap some pics and put it here..

By the way, Yee Tin finish download all 50 Faiz episodes, which is unbelievable, Congrats to him -.- While I'll have to wait for his burned discs...LOL THANK YOU ^_^